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Cardiology Blogs | | Two-year data from the BASKET-PROVE II trial that demonstrated a biodegradable-polymer drug-eluting stent was noninferior to a durable-polymer drug-eluting stent and superior to a thin-strut bare-metal stent were presented in...

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The company, which currently employs five people, is expected to grow exponentially during the next year as it begins to ramp up sales and commercialization efforts.

Israel-based RealView Imaging, who's technology enables doctors to view a real-time 3D hologram of a patient's anatomy in the air and interact with it, has closed a $10 million investment round led by Chinese firm LongTec China Ventures.

The New England Pediatric Device Consortium (NEPDC) is a non-profit foundation supported by the FDA’s Office of Orphan Products Development (OOPD) to promote commercialization of safe and effective technologies for pediatric clinical care. Through their Seed Award program, NEPDC evaluates product concepts across the commercialization spectrum, from ideas to near-to-market devices, and provides rapid and targeted assistance to innovators seeking to address the needs of children suffering from disease or disabilities. Next due date for applications is Dec 8th, 2014. To Apply:

The Atlantic Pediatric Device Consortium (APDC) is pleased to announce its 4th annual Pediatric Device Innovation Competition. This seed grant competition is an opportunity for the scientific and business community including entrepreneurs, clinicians, scientists, businesses, academic researchers and medical and engineering graduate and undergraduate students, to develop and commercialize a pediatric medical device. The application for seed grant funding begins with a written proposal, submitted to the APDC Innovation Competition Review Committee. Proposals are due on January 5, 2015, and selected investigators will be notified by January 30, 2015, of their selection for participation in the next round of the competition. The second round is an opportunity for selected investigators to make a 5 minute oral presentation of their proposed idea/concept, to the review committee, an audience of peers, and the engineering and medical community in attendance. The investigators will be given advice on market size, product development, and regulatory submissions. MORE INFO & APPLICATION SUBMISSION: