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NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Most medical devices that have been recently approved for use in pediatrics weren't actually tested on kids first, according to a new study.Almost all of the devices had...

Village Capital and VentureWell are seeking innovative Medical Devices (Class I, II), diagnostic technologies and health IT platforms. Selected ventures will participate in our three-month outcome-based accelerator program (22 world-class programs in 6 countries to date) where they will present to leading investors and be mentored by industry leaders and their peers. The program also features $100,000 of pre-committed investment, $50,000 each for the top two enterprises, with a twist: the entrepreneurs themselves will determine which two companies receive investment!

Last summer, Jacque Fair, 11, and her mom, Katrina Fair, found out Jacque had heart failure and needed a transplant.

The idea arose in Spain after company founder and software developer Marcos Oliva tried and failed to find something to check his child’s temperature.